Most Common Drugs Doctors Use as Medications for Acne

A great majority of people are so conscious of their skin especially the facial area. A small pimple can turn into a big problem. Because of this, the skin care business has a very big market where the industry floods with products geared to make the skin smooth and blemish-free. Medications for acne are immediately purchased once the pores are clogged and had given way to bumps known as pimples.
medications for acne
For oil build-up, clogged pores and zits, there are two top picks for drugs. Any of the medications for acne must contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid components. And when acne becomes inflamed and swollen, topical and oral antibiotic types of medications for acne are used. Depending on the severity of breakouts, a combination of drugs may be needed.

Medications for acne – using benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is an effective anti-acne or anti-pimple ingredient because the P. acnes bacteria that cause the swelling of acne could not live in the oxygen-rich environment that it provides. As ketolytic in nature, the benzoyl peroxide prevents the clogging of the pores. The target of such medications for acne is the surface bacteria.
Some brands like Benoxyl and Panoxyl are prescribed and some like Clearasil and Stridex can be purchased over-the-counter, meaning without doctor’s prescription. The formulations are creams, lotions and gels and come in different strength of 2.5%, 5% and 10%, depending on the severity of the condition. As this kills the bacteria in the acne or pimples, its action is fast and acne improves in five days from the initial treatment. It is recommended that this be used with antibiotics where it also helps prevent antibiotic resistance.
Side effects include drying, peeling and redness of the skin where it was applied. Benzoyl peroxide can damage clothes because it bleaches dark colored garments.

Salicylic acid for acne treatment

Salicylic acid or beta hydroxyl acid or BHA belongs to medications for acne that are keratolytic, meaning keratin-dissolving. It is used to exfoliate. It can penetrate the pores to dissolve the dead cells thus preventing congestion or dead cell build-up in the pores. Aside from exfoliating property BHA also decreases swelling or inflammation. This dissolves the stickiness of the cells in the clogged pores. The anti-inflammatory property also produces calming effect on the skin.
A .5% or -2% concentration of BHA can already be drugs for mild to moderate cases of acne. With this very low BHA concentration, drying may not occur. Applying high concentrations to a large area can make the downside manifest. Salicylate toxicity may happen. What can be bought though is low concentration of BHA thus the downside is minimized.

Antibiotics being used for acne cure

Acne that is swollen or inflamed makes use of antibiotics as medications for acne. For mild acne, the topical preparations suffice. There are oral antibiotics in capsule, tablet or elixir formulation for moderate to severe cases. Antibiotics as medications for acne are always doctor-prescribed so you cannot buy them without consulting a doctor first.
Antibiotics produce two effects. They aim to reduce the amount of bacteria in the hair follicles and skin surface. They have anti-inflammatory uses that will reduce the swelling of the bumps. Although the topical antibiotics are only formulated for mild cases of acne, they can still cause side effects like dryness, scaly skin and irritation.
Erythromycin and tetracycline are the most common prescribed oral antibiotics for acne. The drugs produce a number of side effects like allergy, photosensitivity, thrush, gastrointestinal problem and bacterial resistance. However, this is the most effective medications for infected breakouts.
The big downside of either of the topical and oral antibiotics is bacterial resistance; higher resistance is observed in topical kinds. It is for this reason, bacterial resistance, that antibiotics are not usually prescribed as best medications for acne. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are better for treatment.