Good and Bad in Laser Treatment for Pimples: Know the Procedure

You cannot trace the exact reason for the emergence of bump called acne. The skin problem often leaves visible scars. The scar removal takes long to be resolved, not in days but possibly in months or even years. Treatments can be diverse and combination of techniques may be required to get back to your smooth and blemish-free skin.
laser treatment for pimplesBecause of the duration of treatment, acne sufferers go the short cut and easy way of laser treatment for pimples. However, there is always a price for the shorter time; you have to pay a hefty amount for a laser treatment for such skin problem.

Why would you prefer laser treatment for pimples?

Even if acne heals, the hyperpigmentation and the scar left by the bumps are very distressing to look at. Laser treatment for pimples is more precise approach but it is a very expensive technique. It is not a one-time visit to the doctor; it requires multiple visits and laser procedures in order to get rid of the hyperpigmentation and scars as perfectly as possible. People, especially those with money to spend, will really go for the laser treatment for bumps, pimples, zits or acne because of the precise effects and results.

How does laser treatment go about?

Doctors make use of laser beams to destroy unwanted substances at certain depths under the skin. Once laser light is used, the effect is photothermal. This process involves heating of specific targeted substance in the skin. When the process progresses to actual removal of the blemishes, the process is photothermolysis. With this, selected tissues in the skin are broken down. Laser light will then destroy the tissues around the target.
Laser equipment produces intense monochromatic light that consists of narrow wavelengths. Different settings are selected depending on what is to be effected. For instance, a setting is for hemoglobin. Another setting may be directed to the melting of the melanin that causes the pigmentation. The light does not affect neighboring skin cells, only the target and this is the reason why laser treatment for pimples is said to be very precise technique.

Good and bad with treating pimples with laser

In the past, the scar removal is done through dermabrasion. This is the procedure that is often compared to laser treatment for pimples. The advantage of laser is scar removal that is entirely bloodless. Using dermabrasion, the mechanical stripping of layers of skin will leave a bloody wound. This can be susceptible to infection and this is where the advantage of a bloodless and woundless laser treatment lies. The risk to infection is very low.
The downside of laser procedure applied to pimples or acne is primarily on the cost. It is an expensive procedure, made more costly because scar removal via laser entails multiple sessions. One treatment is never enough to make the scar go away; a perfect skin is hard to attain. Each session costs a lot of money.
Another downside is that it may not work well for all kinds of skin types. Darker skin tone may not respond well. Other skin types can be charred to leave wounds that can be prone to infection. And worst, the dark skin is predisposed to keloid formation that can no longer be remedied by laser technology.
With all the facts of laser treatment for pimples, would you want to undergo this procedure? Well, look at your pocket and skin color. If you are white or Asian, you might go for it. If you are black, then would you exchange scars for keloids?