How to Remove Acne Scars: Efficacy of Natural Ways and Procedures

When you hear that your friend has acne, you feel sorry for her because you can imagine the hideous breakouts. And if those bumps turn out to be infected, they can leave traces or marks and the next problem will be how to remove acne scars. how to remove acne scars
There are two kinds of acne scars; these are the depressed and the raised scars.
• The depressed scars look like mini pits in your skin. The depressed appearance occurs because of the loss of muscle or fats underneath the skin where the bump used to be. When there are too many depressed scars in the area, they produce a wavy appearance such that they are called rolling acne scars. When the scars look like punctures on your skin, are sharp with narrow indents, they are termed ice pick acne scars.
• The raised acne scars are visible on the skin surface. They are painful and itchy and they grow larger as time passes by.
There is bad and good news for people with acne scars. The bad news is that they may not totally disappear. The good news is that there are ways to reduce their visibility. Some ways to remove acne scars can range from the simple natural treatments to procedures.

How to remove acne scars; can the traces disappear?

The appearance of many acne bumps on the face will definitely make you worry on how to remove acne scars. Just like any scar for whatever wound, scars will not fully disappear. Once you have scar, it will be your property all your life. The most you can do is to lessen the visibility.
Here is the reason why acne scars would not disappear. Scar forms in the skin’s dermal level whenever there is damage done to the skin. The skin dermal level referred to is the layer of the skin from which skin cells come from. In the healing process, your body produces collagen fibers to replace the damaged ones. The repair of the damage tissues will produce scar.
You may not have a procedure on how to remove acne scars however it may be consoling to know that you can make the scars lose visibility. You may be able to reduce the size, the color, and the look of the acne scars. With the new technology in dermatology, your acne scars may become undetectable. The good news is that you may not have to resort to surgery or to the expensive laser treatment. You can go for the less invasive treatments. You just have to discover how to remove acne scars via natural methods and procedures.

Natural cures for acne scars

Who said you would need knives and needles as your way on how to remove acne scars? Natural cures may be able to help the scars fade away.
• For raised scars, the method is massage and pressure bandage. This will smoothen and flatten the acne scar. But this needs patience as you have to do the process for months to make the result visible.
• Vinegar is like a mild chemical peel. As it removes the top skin layer, a turn-over of skin cells follow. The new cells will be a cover up for the scars.
• Lemon or lime juices are acids that can lighten the color of the scar to make it less visible.
• Topical creams are available on prescription and over-the-counter purchase. They come in different strengths. They stimulate cell growth thereby reducing the appearance of the scar.

Procedures for acne scars

Natural cures on how to remove acne scars may fail so you will have to resort to procedures. Here, you have to be under medical supervision. In mild cases of acne scarring, a skin specialist can do chemical peel or microdermabrasion so that the appearance of the acne scars are improved. If the type of scar is rolling, injection will raise it to the normal skin level.
Severe scarring will entail a more difficult and expensive procedure. Usually, the methods are dermabrasion, laser resurfacing or fractional laser therapy. For deeply indented scars, the doctor’s recommendation may be surgery.
Your question may be how to remove acne scars. The answer is discouraging because the scars can no longer be removed. They can only be made less visible through natural methods and procedures.