Usual Kitchen Pantry Items Can Be Natural Cure for Acne

Going to the skin specialist or dermatologist, your doctor will prescribe medications. They do not so much believe on the efficacy of natural cure for acne. Neither do they conclude that diet has something to do with your skin problem. It is sometimes generalized that the bumps are caused by hormonal changes and this may be true but not always.
natural cure for acne
The types of food that you eat can have an effect. Processed foods are full of fats and oil and are harmful to the overall health of the skin. Your fats should come from natural foods like avocado and coconut oil. In addition to processed foods, dairy foods and refined sugar are not also good for skin health. Always eat a balance diet as your skin needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to be blemish-free. The inevitable appearance of pimples should be treated before they get the chance to develop into acne nodules. The first step at the initial appearance of bumps or zits is to apply a natural cure for acne.

Garlic as natural cure for acne

You can instantly make use of a natural remedy for acne. Garlic, being a very important culinary ingredient, is ever present in the kitchen pantry. It contains natural anti-bacterial property that can be used topically.
What do you have to do with garlic as natural cure for acne? Slice a clove of garlic as thinly as possible. Rub the slices on the bump ensuring that the garlic juice goes to the zit. Allow the juice to dry on the acne, about 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse off. The downside here is the smell of the garlic. Can you tolerate it?

Baking soda as cure for acne

A favorite natural cure for acne is baking soda. This simple item can eliminate breakouts and reduce inflammation. It also exfoliates to get rid of the dead cells and even acne scars.
To use as natural cure for acne, make a paste by combining baking powder with a few drops of warm water. Apply this to the affected area. Initially leave it for only 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off. As your skin gets use to the mixture, you can increase the time the paste is applied onto the skin. If no irritation or side effect is felt, use it overnight.

Treating with corn starch

Cornstarch is another ordinary kitchen pantry item that is useable as natural cure for acne. Apply the powdery substance on your face, as you would do with talc powder. Leave the cornstarch on your face overnight. Wash your face in the morning and feel the soothing and gentle effect. This is effective natural cure for irritation and skin redness.

Treatment with egg white mask

Egg white is not only used for weight loss regimen and in bringing down the level of cholesterol. It is also a good facial mask that acts as a natural cure for acne. Egg whites reduce the oiliness of the skin, and minimize the pores or at least reduce its size. When applied on the skin like a mask, it draws away impurities from the skin leaving it tight and glowing. To use, just separate it from the egg yolk. Use your fingertip or a cotton ball to apply the whites on your skin. Leave on your skin for a quarter of an hour or more. Scrape off and wash your face.
These four common pantry items had been proved to be good aids for natural cure of acne. If the condition persists and the use of the ingredients is not effective, it may be time to consult your skin doctor. Do not let acne reside permanently on your skin.