Women, Determine if your Breakout Is a Kind of Hormonal Acne

Acne breakouts are very common and you might think that they are all the same. They may have similar appearances and you will discern that the main cause is the clogging of the pores at the base of the hair follicle. Well, this is true but did you know that a particular acne bump on your skin is different from the hormonal acne in another woman? Acne can be a hormonal disease.hormonal acne
When we speak of hormonal acne we refer to the hormones in our body as the trigger to the emergence of the breakouts. Hormones can be linked to the sebaceous or oil glands. Hormones are responsible in the maturation of the oil glands and such action consequently gives rise to acne lesions.
You will note that children do not usually get afflicted with acne. And do not wonder why acne is very prevalent among teenagers. The hormones during puberty are released such that teenagers become prone to the skin problem. We may not really understand the correlation between hormones and acne. What has been disclosed is that hormones can be responsible in the over production of sebum which makes dirt and dead cells bind together to give rise to the development of bumps.

Testosterone, androgen, estrogen and hormonal acne

The two kinds of hormones that can cause hormonal acne are testosterone and estrogen.
• Testosterone is often thought to be hormones associated to the male sex. To correct the conception, testosterone hormones are present in both males and females. This hormone in boys contributes to the growth of the penis and the testicles. In girls, this is responsible in strengthening the bones and in building muscles.
• Androgen is male hormone. This hormone can create oil surplus and when this happens it is instrumental in plugging the base of the hair follicle. As a result, bumps will emerge.
• Estrogen is the female hormone. At puberty, females will already have their menstrual period. This is a time when hormonal imbalance occurs. This kind of hormone also contributes to over production of sebum that is responsible in collating the dirt and dead cells to become breakouts.

Clues if acne is hormone related

Acne breakout time, location size, shape, sensation and appearance are some of the clues you have to watch out to determine if the bumps in your face, neck or back are due to hormonal changes.
• Timing – Hormonal acne is predictable because of the cycle followed by hormones during a woman’s menstrual period. Pimples usually come out a week after the onset of menstruation. But there are women who have them during the actual period and during ovulation.
• Location – The hormonal pimples are usually spotted under the cheekbone or at the jawline. A zit below the lip is a sign of ovulation.
• Size, shape, sensation and appearance – Basically, hormonal acne is cystic and it is deep below the skin surface. A pressure on the bump can be painful. Even if you do not touch it, there is a tingling pain. The pimple is flaky and dry. It is likely that hormonal pimple leaves scar so avoid popping it if you do not want it to leave marks.

Hormone-caused acne treatment – the response

The response of the breakout also gives indication that the acne is hormonal in nature. Apply topical creams, be it prescribed or OTC. You will find the cream or ointment useless as the pimple would not respond to the medication. It is because the bump does not come out in the surface of the skin rather from hormonal imbalance and changes that happens inside your body. With hormones as the cause, your skin problem will respond to hormonal birth control method.
If you get all these clues happening to you in relation to your acne, it is best to have your hormonal acne diagnosed by a physician, better with OB-Gyne doctor. This specialist can diagnose your skin problem more than a dermatologist or skin doctor. It is also best to have your hormonal balance checked.