Why Do We Get Pimples? 5 Contributory Factors to Their Eruption

Are you annoyed with the pimples in your forehead and cheeks? You are not the only person who does because majority of individuals experience the breaking out of pimples. Not only in the forehead and cheeks, pimples reside in other parts of the body like neck and back. Why do we get pimples is asked very often. This query usually comes from teenagers who tend to be more susceptible to them.
why do we get pimples
Look around and you will see that pimples are common skin blemish in many faces. Be thankful if what you have are few tiny pimples. Others are very unfortunate to have big and inflamed acne. Still others are remorseful for not treating their acne because there are acne scars left on their faces.

Your question – How and why do we get pimples?

Why do we get pimples? Is it true that we have it because we have not observed the right way to make our facial skin spotlessly clean at all times. This is a myth that is being refuted in many researches. However, some people consider hygiene as probable contributory factor.
How do you get pimples? The pimples are bumps that are caused by the trapped sebum, dirt and dead cells at the hair follicles. The body reacts to the clogging and as it tries to fight the substances that clog the pores, infection may ensue. The infection makes the bump red and inflamed. As a result the pimple becomes noticeable and we begin to hate the bulges. People seeing the bumps on the face will readily identify them as pimples. And you dislike it so much when people see your pimples. You believe they will conclude that you are unhygienic.

An overview on what you need to know about pimples

Instead of concentrating on “why do we get pimples” question, you must first discover the essential facts about a pimple. Pimples are already developing long before you see them on your skin. The starting point is the sebaceous hair follicle and it may be there for two to four weeks before you find them on your skin. The sebaceous glands produce the sebum or oil, the culprit as to why do we get pimples. Continuing the process after oil production, the skin sheds off to allow for the formation of new skin cells. Abnormal skin shedding will result to mixing of sebum oil and dead cells. A hard solid is formed and this is the bump on your skin. It so happens that you skin has bacteria. Your body’s immune system fights the bacteria. The outcome of the fight is a popped pimple. So that clearly explains why we get pimples.

Contributory factors to pimple appearance

Why do we get pimples? Here are five factors that contribute to pimple formation.
• Sebum deposit – Sebaceous glands produce excess sebum. Dead cells and excess oil will mix at the shaft of the hair follicle. Red and painful pimples will come out of the clogged pore or shaft.
• Inflammation – This is due to the entry of bacteria in the body. White blood cells make use of the immune system to ward off the bacteria. The encounter between blood cells and bacteria will have pimples as outcome. The struggle causes inflammation and swelling.
• Bad bacteria – Harmful bacteria will get into the sebum deposit and will be residing in the clogged hair follicle. Pimples are formed and because of the presence of bacteria the bump becomes swollen and infected.
• Hormones – When the body produces hormones during adolescence, the sebaceous glands enlarge to intensify the inflammation of the bump caused by the bacteria and sebum mix.
• Unneeded skin cells – When skin cells are no longer needed, they shed off. When these come in contact with the sebum, the mix will cause painful inflammation in the base of the follicle. Pimple will appear in the place and will block the skin renewal.
You will find that there are five factors why do we get pimples. Which factor justifies the emergence of your pimples? You may not be knowledgeable to be able to identify but what all factors will be pointing at is clogging of the base of the hair follicle because of excess sebum, dirt, dead cells and bacteria.